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A little about Metz 9

Metz 9 is one of the leading luxury watches retailers located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We are connoisseurs and collectors of watches that would never tell you to buy a watch we wouldn’t buy ourselves.

From brand new to pre-owned watches, we are proud to serve you with a wide range of excellent branded timepiece collections. Pepsi, Starbucks, and more? Name it and we have it all.


Yacht-Master Series

Designed with inspiration from a rich heritage of the world of sailing since the 1950s, the Yacht-Master series are the perfect choice for exciting sea journeys, which combine the marine spirit with functionality and performance! They are great for water sports and sailing in particular.


Yacht-Master 37 (Model number: 268622-0002)

Yacht-Master 40 (Model number: 126622-0001)

GMT-Master II Series

Designed for criss-crossers of the globe, the GMT-Master II series are great for showing the time in two different time zones simultaneously. They are the perfect choice for people who travel often and who need a reliable timekeeper to keep track of different time zones.


(2021 New Model) GMT-Master II Pepsi
(Model number: 126710BLRO-0002)

(2021 New Model) GMT-Master II
(Model number: 126710BLNR-0003)

GMT-Master II Pepsi Jubilee
(Model number: 126710BLRO-0001)

Cosmograph Daytona Series

Designed for all who have a passion for speed and racing, the Cosmograph Daytona series are perfect for people who have a racing spirit. They are great for the high-performance world of motor sports and the exciting adrenaline rush that comes with it.


Cosmograph Daytona Yellow Gold White Dial (Model number: 116503-0001)

Cosmograph Daytona Yellow Gold Black Dial (Model number: 116503-0004)

Cosmograph Daytona Black Dial (Model number: 116500LN-0002)

Explorer & Explorer II Series

Designed with an exploration spirit that is rare in many people, the Explorer & Explorer II series are great companions for those who dare venture places where few people have been to. They are able to withstand the toughest conditions together with the bravest explorers, scientists and adventurers who have been to polar, mountaineering and caving expeditions.


(2021 New Model) Explorer
(Model number: 124270-0001)

(2021 New Model) Explorer
(Model number: 124273-0001)

(2021 New Model) Explorer II White Dial
(Model number: 226570-0001)

(2021 New Model) Explorer II Black Dial
(Model number: 226570-0002)

Sky-Dweller Series

Designed for all who need to keep track of time across the world, the Sky-Dweller series are perfect for avid and frequent travellers who are always on the move around the globe. They come with displays of the time in two time zones simultaneously and an annual calendar named Saros.


(2021 New Model) Sky-Dweller Blue Dial Jubilee
(Model number: 326934-0004)

Sky-Dweller Blue Dial
(Model number: 326934-0003)

Sea-Dweller Series

Designed for deep sea exploration and engineered by Rolex to withstand tough diving conditions, the Sea-Dweller series are a result of decades of collaboration with diving professionals. They are designed for extreme depth and pressure, as well as being waterproof up to 1,220 metres / 4,000 feet.


Sea-Dweller Watch Deepsea Yellow Gold
(Model number: 126603-0001)

Sea-Dweller Watch Deepsea
(Model number: 126600-0001)

Submariner  & Submariner Date Series

Designed for divers, sea explorers and underwater professionals, the Submariner series are the benchmark for divers’ watches. They are waterproof up to a depth of 300 metres / 1,000 feet, and the dial’s Chromalight display is an innovation for enhanced visibility in dark environments, an essential feature for divers and dark undersea conditions.


Submariner (Model number: 124060-0001)

Submariner Date (Model number: 126610LN-0001)

Submariner Date Black Dial
(Model number: 126613LN-0002)

Submariner Date Royal Blue Dial
(Model number: 126613LB-0002)


(2021 New Model)

GMT-Master II Pepsi

Model number:

(2021 New Model)

Explorer II White Dial
Model number:

(2021 New Model)

Sky-Dweller Blue Dial Jubilee
Model number:
Cosmograph Daytona White Dial
Model number:

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